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Understanding Dredging


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3D CFD Modelling of Water Injection Dredging Including Mud Rheology

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WODCON XXIII - Dredging is changing - The Practice. The Science. The Business.


L. de Wit, E. ten Brummelhuis, A. Talmon


"A CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model is presented which is capable to simulate the movement of a fluidized mud layer resulting from WID (Water Injection Dredging) including the influence of mud rheology. Rheological tests of mud from the Calandkanaal in Port of Rotterdam are presented together with model parameters to describe the rheological Bingham parameters for different concentrations of mud. The CFD results are validated with recent large lab experiments of WID. Comparison of non-Newtonian simulations including rheology and Newtonian simulations without rheology shows that including rheology improves the simulation quality for WID density currents. A CFD model can tell us in what direction the fluidized mud layer from a WID is expected to move, how fast it will be moving, whether it will mix in the vertical and where it stops moving and will deposit. With this knowledge WID operations can be optimized and potential environmental impact can be assessed."

Keywords: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Water Injection Dredging (WID), mud rheology, Bingham parameters mud



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