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Understanding Dredging


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Construction Automation and 3D Construction Management System

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WODCON XXIII - Dredging is changing - The Practice. The Science. The Business.


K. Okayama


"CDM (Cement Deep Mixing method) is a method of hardening soft foundations by mixing subsoil with stabilization agents such as cement slurry. In Japan, we have a lot of experience, in ports and harbors, the construction is mainly carried out using specialized working vessels, and is applied to the foundation ground of breakwaters, quays, seawalls, etc. Our deep mixing vessel, Kokaku, can improve an area of 5.47m2 par cycle and up to 52m below the sea level, which is three times greater than the capacity of machines used for land-based ground improvement work (improvement area of 1.5m2 and applicable depth of 45m). In recent years, there has been a need to improve the productivity of the entire construction production system by fully introducing ICT (Information and Communication Technology). To address this issue, we developed an automated construction system and a 3D construction management system on specialized working vessel and introduced them to the field. This paper describes on the following activities that were carried out during the seabed ground improvement work using the Kokaku: stabilization of quality, development of workers and realization of early self-independence through automated construction, visualization of construction and information sharing among constructors and suppliers through the introduction of a real-time 3D construction management system, and work efficiency improvement through automatic creation of work reports and BIM/CIM (Building/Construction Information Modeling, Management) models."

Keywords: BIM/CIM, real-time 3D, construction management system, Automated Construction, Deep mixing method



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