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Understanding Dredging


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Example to Effectively Utilize of the Dredging Clayey Soil Improved by the Steelmaking Slag

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WODCON XXIII - Dredging is changing - The Practice. The Science. The Business.


T. Takeuchi


" In late years, dredging of a navigation route and the anchorage is carried out to cope with increase of foreign route cruise demand and upsizing of cargo boats and the cruise ships. This dredged clayey soil, improved by mixing steelmaking slag, is used for filling of back of breakwaters and backfill to hollows. Using the improved soil, the following effects are expected. - Improvement of wave-resistant stability of the breakwater by filling of the back. - Reduction of transmission wave by overtopping. - Improvement of aquatic life environment by creation of shoal. Control system for backhoe mixing on barge was developed so as to enhance efficiency of the mixing of the soil and the slag and to have its quality uniform. In this report, an application example of the control system for backhoe mixing is introduced. Dredging soil and steelmaking slag are mixed in hopper of the barge using backhoe until they become uniform. The control system for backhoe mixing is equipped with backhoe which is led by GNSS and tilt sensors on the arm. Position of the backhoe bucket in the hopper of the barge is measured by these sensors. And the mixing time at the backhoe bucket position is measured, and progress of the mixture of the whole hopper of the barge is visualized. The backhoe operator operates it based on this information. After introduction of this system, necessary mixing time was resulted in 60 minutes, by which we have achieved shortening of the time by 30% since it took 90 minutes before. And the unevenness of the wet unit weight of the composite soil was suppressed."

Keywords: dredged soil, steelmaking slag, hopper barge, ICT construction, recycle



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