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Understanding Dredging


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Operational Forecasting and Port Layout Optioneering for Supporting Management of Port Sedimentation and Safe Navigational Depth

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WODCON XXIII - Dredging is changing - The Practice. The Science. The Business.


J. Nielsen, H. Karatvuo, K. Kaergaard, A. Petridis, M. Linde, D. Ware, S. Mortensen


"The accurate prediction of sedimentation in today's ports can support ongoing maintenance dredging operations, identify navigational hazards before they occur and provide insights into how future port layouts can be optimized. A software package has been developed which can predict the future sedimentation, and together with the latest bathymetry surveys, assist the user to achieve all the above. The software has been tailored for the in-house use by ports in a real-time operational capacity. The backbone of the software is a set of port-specific spatially and temporally varying sedimentation rates derived from historical bathymetric surveys and dredge records. For ports with sparse data or rapidly evolving dredge footprints, numerical model results are also used. If relevant, the sedimentation rates implemented by the software during forecasting are selected in consideration of both short and long-term weather outlooks. The software forms an additional module to those already provided in NCOS ONLINE. The user of the software can explore different dredge depths and maintenance intervals to predict the volumes associated with future campaigns and explore the potential to deviate from past, and not necessarily optimal, campaign plans. Similarly to dredge volumes, the user can identify future unsafe depths and plan accordingly. In addition, the user can reconfigure their port within the software to explore the merits of potential development scenarios. For example, the changes in maintenance dredging requirements associated with the deepening of channels and berths can be readily investigated. Behind the scenes, the software achieves this by simulating sedimentation within the port in its reconfigured state and adjusting the sedimentation rates accordingly. The software has been developed in collaboration with Port of Brisbane, one of the fastest growing container ports in Australia with a throughput of over 30Mt (FY 2019/2020), and Gold Coast Waterways Authority, the governing body of the vast recreational waterways of a tourist mecca with a natural capital evaluation of AUD$26b. "

Keywords: sedimentation forecasting, sedimentation software, NCOS Online, MIKE21



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