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Understanding Dredging

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New CEDA paper encourages all parties to dredging contracts to start thinking and keep thinking


Prepared by members of its new Dredging Management Commission (DMC), the Central Dredging Association – CEDA – has published a new paper entitled “CEDA’s checklist for successful dredging management”.

The document is a generic but comprehensive list to help identify and avoid problems with dredging projects at an early project stage, and should benefit all parties involved. 

Publication - 2017Checklist  -KDWKathleen De Wit (IMDC) led the work within the DMC and introduced the document at the recent CEDA Dredging Days, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in November 2017. She explained that, “With dredging projects, as we know, it’s not uncommon for the same issues to be experienced differently by different parties. CEDA’s rich member composition offered an excellent opportunity to capture those differences and we took full advantage of it to fulfil our remit”.

Kathleen added, “We are grateful for our members’ honesty, which has allowed us to collect some valuable inputs, and collate them into an undoubtedly interesting checklist of possible project ‘booby traps”.

Publication - 2017Checklist - PageThe CEDA Checklist for Successful Dredging Management is an organic document and the DMC intend to update it based on further input from CEDA members.

CEDA extends its thanks to the following DMC members who volunteered their time and expertise: Kathleen De Wit – Chair (IMDC, Belgium), Andre van Hassent (Port of Rotterdam, Netherland, Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment, Netherlands) and Charles Wilsoncroft (HKA, UK). 

CEDA’s checklist for successful dredging management” can be ordered from the CEDA Secretariat (T: +31 15 268 2575, E: at the price of € 70.00 (plus packaging and posting). CEDA members can download the digital version free of charge from this page after login.  

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