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Understanding Dredging

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The great thing about the WODCON is that beside the impressive technical side, there is always room for the social side of business. At each conference an impressive social programme allows all attendants to meet and catch up. One of the highlights of this year’s social programe was the Gala Dinner on Wednesday evening. The dinner was held at the Langelinie Pavillionen on the water front.

This fabulous location has been set to good use, as it could be reached by the Damen E-ferry effortlessly. Consequently, a group of 80 attendees boarded the fully electric ferry enjoying a smooth and silent journey along the beautiful river banks. During the voyage Damen gave a short presentation on the highlights of the vessel and what Damen has been doing in the field of 100% electric driven vessels. Of course extra attention was paid to the electric driven dredgers.

When the ferry arrived at the Gala Dinner venue a demonstration was given of the fully automatic mooring system and charging connection. This connection enables to start the 8 minute loading process, enough for the full returning cycles. A great start to a very enjoyable evening!