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Understanding Dredging

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The World Organization of Dredging Associations (WODA) is an independent, nonprofit, professional organisation. It is composed of three separate, autonomous sister dredging associations, with separate geographical corporate structures: WEDA, CEDA and EADA.

The WODA Safety Commission (WSC) was established to initiate and facilitate sustained discussion of safe operations within the dredging community in the broadest sense. The Safety Culture Framework is the WSC’s inaugural work product, one we are proud to share with the world dredging community. The overview has been created by a multi-national team with many years of safety success who share a lively interest in the ways in which safety culture can evolve to protect people and their families from harm.

It is our intention with this resource to share safety culture perspectives and information, raise awareness, and facilitate collaboration between safety and operations professionals worldwide. The framework is a simple, comprehensive overview of information related to how safety is perceived, applied, managed, and sustained to improve safe operations across dredging tenders.

The Safety Culture Framework is NOT an endorsement of any “premier” safety standard nor is it intended to challenge or replace any regulation.

We understand that global cultural differences inform distinct understandings and perceptions of safety, which makes it challenging to prepare a WODA-wide document which perfectly fits the cultures represented by CEDA, WEDA, and EADA collectively. So, we have created a tool aimed to inspire, validate, offer cohesive structure, and invite members of the dredging community to learn from one another.

You can download the document here.

The WODA Safety Working Group