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Understanding Dredging

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Dredging Days – don’t miss the early bird fee!


We would like to remind you that only 2 weeks are left before the early bird deadline! On 15 March 2024, registration fees for the Dredging Days (27-29 May 2024) will go up with EUR150. To register, please visit our website.

Timings and programme components are available here. Full details will be published early March.

Royal IHC Masterclasses
Together with CEDA, corporate member Royal IHC  gives you the opportunity to attend one of their dredge masterclasses organised during the Dredging Days. Expand your knowledge and gain clear insight in dredging and dredging technology.

Masterclass Production Estimation
Get a grip on the production process of a TSHD and how it works in the field. You will get an overview of the main parameters involved in this process and learn more about the internal and external influences.

Masterclass Hydraulic Transport
Get a better understanding of the process of a centrifugal pump and its operational conditions. 

You will learn about the optimal use of the pump and design of the equipment.

For more information please visit the IHC training institute website.